Monday, 8 April 2013

Preview: CARRADICE STOCKPORT CITY FOLDER - new luggage option for Brompton S type!

Carradice have at long last designed a front bag for the Brompton S type folding bicycle.

As Brompton owners will know, the S type has a shorter stem and thus lower-positioned handlebar than any of the other Brompton "types". This means bags made for those other types are too tall for best function, with some safety concerns.

My first Brompton was an M type. I tried several different bags (including the "official" Touring Bag, T-Bag, and C-Bag) before discovering -- and falling in love with -- the Carradice City Folder M.

This bag was so perfect for me that I continued using it with my new S type Brompton, even though there are times the bag (and the handle protruding from its frame) fouls the brake cables.

I was therefore excited to see at the London Bike Show in January that Carradice have launched a new bag, the Stockport City Folder, specially designed to fit the S type Brompton. 

I promptly purchased one directly from Carradice and have to say, I'm pretty impressed!  I'll post a full review soon -- including photos of the Stockport on my S type Brompton -- but meanwhile here are my initial impressions.

The Stockport is styled a little differently than the City Folder M. Carradice have chosen to place it in their "Classics" range rather than the "Originals" range. This means a more refined look - more a briefcase for the city than a hold-all for a rural ride!

It has:
- a laptop sleeve/case that attaches to the interior of the bag at the back by way of poppers ('snaps' to the American)
- leather straps at the front that close the upper flap by way of hole-punch closures
- a leather strip sewn on the front, suitable for mounting a front light
- front pockets (zipped and slip) exactly as on City Folder M
- no rear pockets! (I'll definitely be talking about this in my review.)
- a comfortable shoulder strap included (The City Folder M has the side rings for one but it isn't actually included.)

Any readers with Bromptons who have this new bag? Would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Hi Rebecca, are you going to do a full review on this bag? It looks great but I'm specifically concerned about the lack of pockets for keys and such.

    1. Hi, thanks for asking. After over a year of not using the Brompton or the Stockport bag very much, I'm using both quite a lot again so, yes, I am definitely going to do a full write-up soon. The lack of pockets will be a key point. Whether you "can" do without them or not will, I think, depend on the kind of journeys you use your Brompton for. I'll go into more detail when I do the review, but I'll just say here, personally I have found I don't need outside pockets after all (which was a surprise to realise) and appreciate being able to sling the whole bag, on its frame, over my shoulder like a normal messenger bag from time to time -- something I could not do with the Touring bag, C bag, S bag, new T bag or Carradice City Folder. So for some people, the Stockport will work fine -- for others doing longish rides and needing to get into the bag for things during brief stops, without opening the main flap, maybe it won't. That may give you food for thought - full write up soon, I promise!

  2. Thanks! I look forward to your full review.

  3. Hi, please put how much can you stuff inside, compared with the other bags. Can't wait for the full review! Thanks.

  4. Hi - just bought a second hand brompton with S bars - would love to hear more on really how inconvenient/ dangerous the cable foul issues were with the large carradice bags designed for M bars. would much prefer a large bag than the stockport if possible and cant see why it woudlnt work but not come across anyone other than your blog who has actually used it! Any thoughts? thanks

    1. Yes, the taller bags can "catch" on the brake cables but personally I never found it to be an issue - just something I noticed. Certainly not a safety hazard or an inconvenience. However, the only one of the "full size" bags that I have used with my S-type was the Carradice City Folder M. By the time I bought my S-type bicycle, I no longer owned any Brompton bags at all such as the Touring, T-bag or C-bag, so I can't comment on whether any of those pose a real problem.

      Where do you live? I suggest, if you can, visit a bike shop that is an authorised Brompton dealer, where you should have access to try quite a few of the bags out on your own S-type bicycle. (If you haven't already got them, you will need the luggage block fitted to your bicycle, and the bag will need to have a frame inserted into it. Any dealer that cares about its customers and potential customers, not just making a quick sale, should be more than happy to help you get this set up so that you can try the bags.)

      Just play around with turning the front wheel each way with your hands on the handlebars in a variety of positions, and see what you think. Please let me know what you find out! :)


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